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Suspects learn: Hiding is futile

A handful of underage college students tried hiding from River Falls police sweeping an apartment at 215 W. Cascade Ave. after midnight Saturday, April 27. Officers had responded to a large party noise complaint. Those students who showed themselves were warned and released. Those found hiding in various rooms were given drinking citations.

The 23-year-old male tenant at that address, also the party's host, was ticketed twice: For an adult allowing underage drinking, and for loud noise. His citations total $417.

Police also:

--Dealt with another hiding case, this one involving a 16-year-old rural River Falls girl who allegedly tried stealing two necklaces and rings at ShopKo last week Monday night, April 22. The girl allegedly was caught after stuffing the items inside her bra. The $56 worth of stolen merchandise was recovered in salable condition. The girl was cited for shoplifting.

--Arrested a 19-year-old rural River Falls man for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession last Thursday before midnight in the 100 block of Spring Creek Drive on the city's new south-side subdivision near Comforts of Home. The man's pickup truck was parked in a no-parking zone for two hours. He was found lying down asleep inside with a jacket covering him. He said he was waiting for a friend to get off from work. During a pat-down search the man allegedly cried. Officers later claimed they recovered a pot pipe and a baggy of marijuana.

--Cited a 20-year-old Hudson man, a former River Falls High School student, for reckless driving and driving while suspended-3rd offense in the high school's parking lot Wednesday afternoon, April 17. The man had a male passenger, also a former high school student. They were seen by a teacher stationed outside as they sped through the parking lot and squealed tires in a 1987 Chevy Lumina before racing out onto Cemetery Road. Another current student in a car followed and got the suspect car's license plate number. The suspect was identified later and given two citations.

--Cited a 23-year-old River Falls woman for criminal property damage at Cudd's court, 1450 S. Wasson Lane, Lot #26, after 6 a.m. Saturday, April 27. The woman allegedly showed up uninvited at her ex-boyfriend's, got mad and broke a front window of his trailer home. He claimed she left and called him, saying there was no proof she caused the damage. Questioned later by an officer, the woman allegedly admitted it was her, but that it was a mistake. She said she grabbed a rock, aimed at one of her ex-boyfriend's parked vehicles, but her throw misfired and she hit his trailer window instead. She was given a $240 citation and may be asked to pay $800 in restitution.

For more, please see Police Beat in the May 2 print edition of the River Falls Journal.