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Father sentenced to consecutive life terms for murder, arson

The man who killed his four children and burned down his house to collect the insurance money will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Armin Wand, III, 33, of Argyle was sentenced this week to three life terms plus 105 more years behind bars on three counts of homicide plus a single count each of arson, attempted homicide, and the felony murder of an unborn child.

Lafayette County Circuit Judge Thomas Vale refused to consider a supervised release on Wand's homicide convictions. If he ever gets out, 35 years of extended supervision would await him.

Wand set fire to his home last September, killing his young sons Allen, Jeffrey, and Joseph. His wife Sharon escaped but was severely hurt - and she lost an unborn daughter.

Their two-year-old girl escaped without physical injury.

Wand also had two attempted homicide charges dropped in a plea deal. As part of that, he must testify against his brother Jeremy - who's accused of helping him burn down the house in exchange for $300 dollars of the insurance money.

Jeremy is scheduled to go on trial in mid-July.

During the hearing, a statement was read on Sharon Wand's behalf. She said she would not let him defeat her and quote, "You got what you want. You're famous. You're Armin Wand, who killed his children."