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Restaurant firing goes ballistic

A manager and the employee he fired ended up in combat outside Copper Kettle restaurant, 1005 S. Main St., after 6 p.m. Saturday, April 13. After the fighting was done, the manager's pickup truck had been vandalized by the fired employee. Both men were given municipal citations for their actions.

The 34-year-old manager was cited for disorderly conduct. The 21-year-old River Falls male, the one fired, was also cited for disorderly conduct plus criminal damage to property.

The fight outside involved grabbing, pushing and punching. At one point, the manager was knocked down.

The employee was punched in the face. He was picked up later while walking north on Main Street. He had blood on his hands, shirt and shoes.

In the past few days River Falls police also:

--Cited a 22-year-old Hastings, Minn., man for disorderly conduct due to a disturbance he allegedly caused at Jimmy John's sub shop, 477 S. Spruce St., at 2:15 a.m. Saturday, April 13. The suspect was found in the bathroom, drunk and incoherent. He had allegedly become rude while waiting for his sandwich and reached over the counter to grab and toss a handful of roast beef. Later he allegedly overturned a table and was cussing at employees.

--Cited a 56-year-old local woman for disorderly conduct Thursday, April 11, for allegedly yelling and swearing at a neighbor, accusing the woman of trying to seduce her husband and take her grandson. Children were said to be present when this outburst on the street occurred. The neighbor lady, who said she had no idea what the 56-year-old woman was talking about, said she's complained to police before about similar confrontations. This incident took place in the Pearl Street area of the city.

--Arrested a 46-year-old River Falls woman for drunk driving in the 300 block of Foster Street just after 3 p.m. Friday, April 12, after she allegedly struck a mailbox, left the scene and drove a few blocks home. A jogger spotted the hit and run and called police. The suspect, with her damaged car in the driveway, answered the door but told an officer she hadn't driven since taking her kids to school in the morning. Other evidence seemed to show otherwise. After being tested for alcohol use, she was brought to the police station for booking. Because she wouldn't answer any more questions, her driver's license was revoked for six months.

For more, please read Police Beat in the April 18 print edition of the River Falls Journal.