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Rather than escape, home intruder finds lure of a soft couch simply irresistible

A 22-year-old UW-River Falls student allegedly broke into a house in the 500 block of East Cedar Street before 2 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 17. He wore no coat or shoes, and allegedly had left the furnishing of the living room in disarray before being confronted by the occupant. The young man allegedly could only give his first name, "David." Ordered to leave the house, the man started to do so, but then plopped on the couch and tried to curl up. Told again that he had to go, the man allegedly replied, "But I'm David."

The house's occupant said he had no idea who the intruder was. After he was forced out, police were called.

Officers found the man walking on Eighth Street without shoes. Described as very drunk, he was placed in a squad car to warm up.

He was booked at the police station and given fines totaling $417.

The occupants of the Cedar Street home said the man must have slipped in through an unlocked door. They said he also puked on a stack of mail and other documents on an end table. The large pile of vomit then spilled over onto the floor.

For more, please read Police Beat in the Feb. 21 print edition of the River Falls Journal.