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Military News: Page awarded commission of captain

Local dentist Michael S. Page of Page Family Dentistry, 107 E Locust St., has received his first orders as a captain in the Army National Guard Dental Corps.

On Nov. 8, Page was sworn in to his post as a commissioned officer serving with the 204th Area Support Medical Company (ASMC) based out of Cottage Grove, Minn. The 204th ASMC is trained to provide combat health support to units located in areas of operation on a field of battle.

With this new commission, Page is excited for the opportunity to serve his country. He will be helping maintain the readiness of our soldiers through maintenance of their dental health while also training to provide other crucial medical services to soldiers in the field.

Page joins a strong family history of uniformed service. His brother, Lt. Adam Page, a naval aviator and physician who currently is serving in San Diego, Calif.; his uncle, Paul Haskins, Jr. a former naval aviator; and both his grandfathers, Donald Page a former seaman, and Paul Haskins, Sr. a former navy physician.

Page joined his father, David Page, at Page Family Dentistry in July 2011 after graduating with distinction from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.