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Illegal alien suspect arrested for battery after incident in cookie factory parking lot

A 22-year-old St. Paul man who said he was a Mexican citizen allegedly head-butted another man who was with his estranged girlfriend and held up the girlfriend's small child and told the woman to say goodbye to her son. The disturbance occurred Friday night, Oct. 19, in the parking lot of Best Maid Cookie.

The head butting by the St. Paul man allegedly occurred after the other man tried to intervene on the woman's behalf. She was trying to get to her two children in the St. Paul's man's truck and had been pushed away.

Soon after the scuffle River Falls police stopped the St. Paul man's truck as it pursued the girlfriend and the other man in a car while going south on Main Street through the downtown.

The St. Paul man could barely speak English and his immigration status was under review. He went to county jail in Hudson. The female victim is said to work at Best Maid Cookie.

Police also:

--Drew their guns and arrested a 25-year-old local man outside Kwik Trip on North Main Street last Thursday afternoon, Oct. 18., for felony warrants, drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine possession, and receiving stolen property. The man was a passenger in a pickup truck that was pulled over. Officers seized evidence and later got a search warrant for the man's apartment in the 600 block of North Clark Street. This case is connected to an earlier burglary that day at Fox's Trailer Court on Hwy. 35.

--Arrested a 31-year-old Roberts woman for buying marijuana in the Kwik Trip parking lot on South Main Street after midnight last Thursday, Oct. 18. Officers were sent there to check out a possible drug deal. One suspect in his car had already left. The Roberts woman, in another car, was still there. She said she was fixing her makeup before visiting her boyfriend and had just given some of her girlfriend's clothing to another man who left. Later, she allegedly changed her story and gave police a glass pot pipe and a baggie of pot she'd just bought from the man who'd driven away.

--Arrested a 25-year-old local man for drunk driving and driving while suspended after 5 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20. The man had been seen at Kwik Trip on South Main Street trying to buy food. He allegedly reeked of alcohol and was stumbling around. Then he drove off in a red Nissan. An officer pulled him over for weaving at West Johnson Street and Bartosh Lane. The man said he drank some shots and beer at home, fallen asleep, woke up hungry and decided he needed to feed himself so he drove to Kwik Trip. During field sobriety tests he almost fell and the testing was stopped.

--Arrested a 50-year-old local woman for domestic disorderly conduct last week Tuesday night, Oct. 16. The woman was allegedly mad that her live-in boyfriend still had his ex-wife on a phone plan. She was throwing things and allegedly one item, a crockpot, struck the man on the top of the head, causing a bloody gash. He called 911.

--Cited a 24-year-old Bloomington, Minn., man for public urination after 2 a.m. Friday in the 200 block of South Main Street. The man was seen by an officer urinating on a glass door. He asked if he could "work out a deal" to avoid the citation. No deals, said the officer, and the man was given a $114 citation. No pay, said the man, who told the officer he lived in Minnesota and wouldn't be returning to Wisconsin.

For more, please see Police Beat in the Oct. 24 print edition of the River Falls Journal.