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Troy addresses new-interchange details

The Troy Town Board supported the Department of Transportation's proposed local road assignments for the Radio Road Interchange at the regular board meeting Thursday, Aug. 9.

The state DOT's Programming and Planning Supervisor Paul Conlin discussed a resolution for assigning jurisdiction to roads involved in the Radio Road Interchange with Hwy. 35.

Conlin handed the board drafts of the DOT's proposal of road jurisdictions and a draft of the Town of Troy's proposal, as well as documented correspondence between the town and the DOT.

"Our job is to do what's in the best interest of the public," said Conlin.

Local road assignments for the Radio Road Interchange have been an ongoing matter dating back to January 2012. They are supposed to be completed by September, according to correspondence between the DOT, city of River Falls and town of Troy.

Construction on the highway interchange is to begin next year.

Conlin's drafts of the proposals from both the town and the DOT show proposed town road assignments outlined in yellow, proposed city assignments in blue and state assignments in red.

The town of Troy's proposal for the local road assignments was to keep a quarter- mile stretch of Radio Road leading up to the overpass from the south -- whereas the DOT's draft designates that same stretch to the city of River Falls.

"I don't see a lot of benefit in keeping that part of Radio Road, personally," said Conlin. "You'd have the benefit of having a road there, but not having to pay to maintain it."

Troy Town Board Chairman Ray Knapp disagreed.

"Giving up this up impacts our ability for future development in our township," said Knapp.

Both the town's and the DOT's drafts designate a parcel of Paulson Road north of the interchange to the town.

"It seems like a pretty good compromise," said Town Board Supervisor Dave Hense.

After further discussion the Town Board decided it was time to make a decision.

Ray Knapp made a proposal to accept the DOT's draft of proposed local road assignments for the Radio Road Interchange. The board unanimously voted in support of this.

Town resident Kyle VanceBryan appeared before the board to dispute a fire call bill he received for $700.

A smoke detector went off while VanceBryan was changing its batteries. This alerted his home security provider, ADT, which then notified the River Falls Fire Department.

"I am very unhappy that I would get a bill for something that did not happen," said VanceBryan. "I'd like the board to reconsider the $700 fee."

VanceBryan called ADT within minutes of the smoke detector going off, according to an ADT call log that was given to the board.

"I see this as an issue between you and the company you are contracted with," said Town Board Supervisor Sue Warren.

Said Knapp: "Kyle did what I think would have been ordinary and expected of a reasonable person, and I'd be open to reducing it by some amount."

"We have to think about the residents of Troy," said Supervisor Jan Cuccia. "If you don't have to pay this, they will."

Replied VanceBryan: "I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. How do you protect yourself from your security system?"

"We have to look at these cases on an individual basis," said Knapp. "Otherwise there wouldn't be any reason for people to dispute these fire calls."

Cuccia proposed that the board keep the fire call bill at $700. All but Knapp were in favor.