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Driver allegedly causes knock-down, drag-out crash

A 49-year-old River Falls woman was ticketed by police for drunk driving after allegedly jumping the curb while turning, then crashing into and dragging a traffic stoplight 25 yards. The crash occurred just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11, at the intersection of South Main Street and Cascade Avenue.

The woman had a prior drunk driving conviction but because it was over 10 years ago that one didn't legally count against her. She was therefore given a first-time citation and later released to the sober care of her ex-husband.

River Falls police also:

--Arrested a 24-year-old River Falls man - first for battery and, just over an hour later, for drunk driving. Both incidents were downtown between 12:30 and 1:40 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8.

In the first, a bouncer at Coach's Bar on Main Street tried to kick the man out for allegedly unwanted touching of female patrons in that bar. The man allegedly head-butted the bouncer and punched him in the lip. After officers arrived to quell the violence, the man was fined $366 for battery and released.

In the second incident, he was pulled over while driving in the 100 block of East Walnut Street, arrested and taken to the police station. There, he was said to be totally unruly, yelling at officers, kicking a door, and denying that he had been drinking and driving.

After finally being shipped off to county jail in Ellsworth, the man kept unbuckling his seatbelt in the squad car. For these repeated transgressions, he was also given a citation for not buckling up.

--Arrested a 22-year-old rural River Falls man for drunk driving near the area of Falcon Drive and North Wasson Lane at 2:50 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 11. The man, who had his girlfriend in the car with him, insisted that he hadn't had a drop of alcohol. Field sobriety tests allegedly showed otherwise, though the man refused to take a preliminary breath test and kept insisting he wasn't drinking.

His girlfriend, however, said no, her boyfriend had been drinking, and so had she and that she was intoxicated. She was released and walked away.

He was brought to the police station, where he was described as uncooperative; allegedly cursing officers and saying they were wasting his time, so he would waste theirs. The man was almost taken to jail, but, after being given an $844 fine, was released to the sober care of a 24-year-old local woman who came to the police station with the man's girlfriend.

For more, please see Police Beat in the Aug. 15 print edition of the River Falls Journal.