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Changes in the works for deadly town road

A moment of silence for 14-year-old Sara Goldbach started the River Falls Town Board meeting Monday, May 21.

Goldbach was killed in a crash on 950th St. in the town on Friday, May 18.

Town Board Chairwoman Diana Smith, visibly shaken up by the incident, announced she was working with the Pierce County Sherriff's department to put a 500-foot clearance on either side of the accident site.

"I want to make sure no one else gets hurt there," said Smith.

The board then continued with its scheduled agenda items.

Zoning Administrator Jerome Rodewald gave the board a history lesson while proposing the creation of a Cemetery Committee for Greenwood Valley Cemetery.

Rodewald suggests that a committee be created to oversee the cemetery and to authorize sales of vacant lots.

He also proposed to change the name of the cemetery from Greenwood Valley to Glass Valley -- in honor of the Glass family that is buried in the cemetery. That is also the original name of the cemetery.

The board approved Rodewald's proposal for a standing committee, naming him as the committee's chairman.

Also serving on the Cemetery Committee will be Supervisor Leroy Kusilek and Smith.

Brian Weber of the town's Highway Department then presented the board with roadwork bids for 950th St., 805th Ave., S. Wasson, 710th Ave, and 910th St.

"Are there any projects we can hold off on?" Supervisor Brad Mogen asked Weber.

"910th St. is in pretty rough shape -- I don't want to put that off," replied Weber.

"We might be able to put off the chip sealing on Wasson another year, but we like to keep up on the good roads so they stay good," said Smith.

Milling and paving bids were approved for 950th St. and chip sealing and spray patching bids were approved for 910th St. totaling $83,518 in roadwork fees for both streets.

Rodewald then presented the board with proposed permit fee increases. Some fees hadn't been reviewed in four years.

Some increases included:

  • Building site inspection fees: $50 to $60
  • Driveway inspection fees: $50 to $60
  • Residential building permits: $50 to $60
  • Commercial building permits: $330 to $400
  • Special exception permits: $220 to $240

"Are these prices in line with what other municipalities charge?" asked Supervisor Tom Sitz.

"We are very comfortable saying these prices are half of what it would cost in the City of River Falls," said Rodewald.