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Homeowner shoots intruder, avoids charges

No charges will be filed against a homeowner in Slinger who shot and killed a 20-year-old man who ran into an enclosed porch to hide from the police.

Washington County District Attorney Mark Bensen said the unidentified homeowner acted in self-defense under Wisconsin's new "Castle Doctrine" law. It assumes that homeowners are justified when using deadly force against intruders.

Bo Morrison of West Bend was among those scampering from a nearby underage drinking party the police raided March 3.

Washington County prosecutors said Morrison tucked himself between a dresser and refrigerator in the homeowner's porch. When the resident asked him what he was doing there, Morrison stood up, raised a hand and took a step toward the homeowner. That's when the owner shot him in the chest and told his wife to call 911.

Authorities said the homeowner was the one who called police about the drinking party. He had confronted a couple of people in a car with loud music.