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New phone numbers with 307 prefix coming to River Falls Hospital

River Falls Area Hospital Hospital has outgrown its old phone system and will install a new, updated system. As of 5 p.m. Friday, April 29, all hospital phone numbers will change.

River Falls Area Hospital has evolved from a hospital that started with just one phone, when the hospital was located on North Main Street, to the to the present location with multiple phone lines.

Communication plays a big part in enabling providers to provide superior patient care.

River Falls Area Hospital's new phone system will provide more than enough phone numbers for the foreseeable future and will allow for improved patient service as there will be direct phone numbers to patient rooms and other areas within the hospital.

All phone numbers will change. Recordings will be placed on most old phone numbers to inform callers of the number change.

All new phone numbers will begin with the 307 prefix. The following is a list of new numbers for frequently called departments:

General Information 715-307-6000

Birth Center 715-307-6330

Radiology /.Mammogram Scheduling 715-307-6400

Rehab Center 715-307-6050

River Falls Area Hospital Foundation 715-307-6001

Rivers Cancer Center 715-307-6430

Sleep Center 715-307-6444

Wellness Center 715-307-6060