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Passersby help avert disaster

Quick-thinking passersby noticed smoke pouring out of this house and called the fire department.1 / 2
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Neighbors credited three young men who happened to be driving along Sunset Lane around 12:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 2, as being heroes of the day. Passersby Keith Romanshyn, Kevin Salmen and Morgan Geib work at Sajan and happened to be driving past the home at 1260 Sunset Lane during their lunch hour.

They noticed smoke coming from the garage door and heard a dog barking inside. The men banged on the door but got no answer and called the fire department.

They hung around long enough to see River Falls volunteer firefighters arrive and one of them kick the door in to rescue the dog inside. The "good Samaritans" said it was coincidental that the firefighter was Mike Nicholson, a person they know from school.

Since nobody was home at the time, neighbor Linda Uhls took the dog from firefighters and said it seemed scared but OK. She watched from across the street as firefighters opened the home's garage doors and began climbing into the ceiling area of it.

They also placed exhaust fans within the house to draw out the smoke. Neighbors confirmed that old-fashioned gas pump sitting in front of the home's garage is only a novel decoration.

Three River Falls fire trucks, as well as a municipal utility truck, an ambulance and two police cars responded to the scene. More details will be reported as they become available.