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Slick roads lead to trio of rollovers

Debbie Griffin photo

Three different vehicle-rollover accidents occurred in or near River Falls between 9:15-10:15 a.m. Friday, Jan. 8, slowing or stopping highway traffic on both 35 and 65 for a brief time.

The first involved a Dodge pickup that apparently slid off Hwy. 35, rolled and landed on its side in the highway median near the Paulson Road-Whitetail Boulevard intersection. River Falls Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments reported to the scene, as well as a St. Croix County Sheriff's deputy. While emergency medical personnel took one person inside the ambulance, they did not drive away with the patient immediately.

Just north of the highway turn lanes near the Paulson-Whitetail intersection, police also managed traffic while one truck used a chain to pull another out of the ditch. It is not known if the two vehicles were involved in the same incident or separate ones.

The second rollover occurred just minutes later and only about a mile to the south on Hwy. 65 near the River Falls Area Hospital. A Ford pickup left the roadway and rolled over.

Preliminary details gleaned from radio traffic indicated that the accident had badly damaged the truck and caused the ambulance to transport at least one person to the hospital.

Some emergency personnel left one rollover to attend a third that happened on Hwy. 35 near the Hanley Road exit between River Falls and Hudson.