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Wife gone, son hurt, Alan Stewart carries on

Members of the Stewart family gather on a recent Thanksgiving Day at the dinner table. From left is Noey Falde; Noey's grandmother, the late Jean Stewart; Jean's son, Jim; and Jim's older sister, Jodie Falde, Noey's mother. The picture was taken in Jodie's home in the town of Martell. Jim Stewart, a 1974 River Falls High School graduate, was nicknamed "Hollywood" as a youth. Jim rose to the rank of sergeant with the Hudson Police Department before moving on in 1998 to security jobs for a bank and later a...1 / 2
Alan Stewart2 / 2

Days after his wife of 60 years suddenly died, Alan Stewart got a late Sunday night call saying his son was nearly mauled to death by his pet dog and was undergoing hours of overnight life-saving surgery.

Jim Stewart, 53, had friends with him at Regions Hospital. They told Alan to wait till morning to visit.

Naturally, Alan could hardly sleep before rushing off to the hospital very early the next day, Oct. 26.

The details he gleaned about his son's misfortune were not only grisly but baffling.

Jim Stewart, who grew up in River Falls and was a 21-year Hudson cop before retiring in 1998, had most of the flesh from his face ripped off by Igor, his 120-pound American bulldog (closely related to pit bulls).

Stewart was found barely conscious on his back. Blood had flowed over the floor and spurted across walls.

Moments earlier, from upstairs, Stewart's landlady friend in the Woodbury, Minn., townhome where he lives heard an odd thump below.

Checking out the noise, she found Igor standing calmly over Stewart's still form.

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