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Hate graffiti found on campus

Race-related graffiti targeting black and Asian students next week was found Sunday night (Oct. 26) in a bathroom at the university's Chalmer Davee Library. Campus security officers, with assistance from River Falls Police, are investigating.

The graffiti threatened violence against those two ethnic groups on Monday, Nov. 2.

Campus officials, including Chancellor Dean Van Galen, met Monday (Oct. 26) with student groups.

"We condemn such cowardly and ignorant actions and reaffirm our commitment to creating and fostering a diverse and inclusive campus culture," Van Galen said.

In his e-mail message to students, faculty and staff, Van Galen added: "Criminal acts of this nature will be addressed by the legal and campus judicial systems with potential consequences including (but not limited to) expulsion."

The chancellor and a host of campus officials continue to meet with students who were told the university will take added precautions, including police patrols and surveillance.

At Tuesday's (Oct. 27) City Council meeting, Mayor Don Richards briefed the audience on the crime. He said the incident needed to be publicized and be addressed.

The mayor said plans are in the works for an on-campus meeting on Monday (Nov. 2), which everyone is encouraged to attend.

"The city stands ready to do whatever we can to combat this threat," said Richards.

Last week a 16-year-old River Falls High School student was sent to a juvenile detention facility in Eau Claire for allegedly scribbling a message about killing people at school on the date of his birthday in one of the school's bathrooms.