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'Let me hear your body talk'

Those lyrics from the 1981 Olivia Newton-John hit, "Let's Get Physical," appear to have been played out on Main Street over the weekend. A young couple whom a River Falls patrol officer described as physically affectionate until they got "carried away" and bumped hard against a door window frame of Midwest Appraisal Service, 113 S. Main St., dislodging and breaking the window.

The couple -- a 22 year-old woman and a 29-year-old man, both from River Falls -- left the scene but were soon found in Bo's 'N Mine across the street. They were reportedly intoxicated and admitted to being affectionate with each other. They could not recall how their behavior caused any property damage.

Each was given a $240 fine for property damage. Restitution for the broken door window is estimated at $250.

The 22-year-old woman was also arrested two days before this incident for of a warrant out of Hammond. She could not find anyone to help her post bond and ended up in county jail in Hudson for the night.

In the past week, River Falls police handled several other unsettling occurrences, including:

  • A stray cat attack inside a house in the 300 block of Church Street Saturday afternoon. A 30-year-old woman visiting her parents said she found that a small gray-and-white cat had somehow slipped into her parents' home and was clawing at her father. When she pulled the animal away, it bit her wrist and scratched her hand. She threw it outside where it ran off. Police later send a Human Rabies Exposure Form to the Pierce County Health Department.
  • Handing out more noise violation citations to Coach's Bar, 127 S. Main St., owner Logan Moon. This is the third straight week Moon has been cited for multiple violations. Tenants upstairs are complaining about late-night music that keeps them awake. One officer said the upstairs floors are vibrating from the blaring music. Police Chief Roger Leque said he plans to take the matter to the City Council later this month. Such a complaint, if approved by the council, could result in the bar losing its liquor license.
  • Citing a 49-year-old local man for hit and run after he allegedly ran over the median and crushed a Yield to Pedestrian sign at Main and Union streets before driving off. However, his license plate came off during the crash and his identity and whereabouts were easily traced. He was given a $177 fine.
  • Arresting a 19-year-old Roberts woman for criminal damage to property and harassment for allegedly taking a kitchen knife and scratching another woman's parked car all over in the 400 block of Spring Street. She also scratched name-calling words like "whore" on the car and slashed all the tires. The motivation may have been hard feelings between the two young women who both have dated the same man. Damage to the vandalized car exceeds $2,500. The case goes to the district attorney.
  • Cited two UW-River Falls students, a man and a woman, for underage drinking in the 800 block of State Street late one night last week. Officers were thrown off track at first because the two claimed the woman had just been the victim of a sexual assault by an unknown male. They later recanted this story, admitting they made it up to distract police from giving them the $177 drinking fines. They got those fines anyway.

    There's more, so please read Police Beat in the Oct. 14 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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