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Pierce County prepares to receive, administer H1N1 vaccine

H1N1 vaccine supplies are coming in, according to Pierce County Public Health. Plans are being made to have the vaccine administered at all of the county's public schools.

The focus of these clinics will be school-age children as recommended by the National Centers for Disease Control.

From 8:30-10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 30, is the tentative time and date for an H1N1 clinic to be held at the Pierce County Public Health Department in Ellsworth. This one will target other needy groups:

  • Pregnant women because they are at higher risk of complications and can potentially give protection to their unborn babies who cannot be vaccinated.
  • Caregivers and those who regularly come in contact with kids younger than six months. The infants are then better protected from the virus.
  • Healthcare and emergency medical service workers because they can pass the virus to vulnerable patients.
  • Anyone six months to 24 years of age. This age group is vulnerable because they are in close contact with large groups at schools and daycare settings.
  • Those ages 25-64 who have health conditions associated with higher risk of medical complications from the flu.

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