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New deadline announced for BadgerCare Plus Core Plan enrollment

Gov. Jim Doyle announced yesterday that enrollment in the new BadgerCare Plus Core Plan will be suspended at noon this Friday.

This new program, which provides insurance coverage to low-income adults without dependent children, was introduced about three months ago. Since that time, the response has been overwhelming. Each day, the state has received 500-600 applications for the plan.

Because the plan has to be budget neutral, there is a limit on the number of people who can be on the plan, and the state believes it is nearing that threshold.

"We know that many individuals in this region meet eligibility requirements for the Core Plan," said Heather Logelin, Foundation Director at River Falls Area Hospital. "If you are uninsured and think you may meet the income guidelines, we strongly encourage you to go online and apply.

"The application process is relatively simple, and if you are eligible, a one-time fee of $60 will provide you with health insurance for an entire year."

After noon on Friday, individuals interested in the Core Plan will be able to sign up for a waitlist and will be invited to enroll in the Core Plan if and when space is available. Individuals who believe they may be eligible for the plan are strongly encouraged to apply before noon on Friday.

It is expected that hold times for telephone enrollment will be very long, so individuals are encouraged to apply online.

For more about the plan, and to apply online go to