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Two cops hurt while subduing trespassing suspects

A disturbance just after dark Thursday night at South Main and Park streets resulted in police injuries, a Minnesota male suspect stunned by a taser gun and doused with pepper spray, and valuable support from sheriff's deputies in Pierce and St. Croix counties.

It began with a trespassing complaint around 9:30 p.m. in the 100 block of nearby West Vine Street.

The two males suspects were soon found at Main and Park streets. Both were from Minnesota and residents of the local Kinnic Falls Halfway House.

According to Police Sgt. Jon Aubart, after being questioned, both suspects were asked to submit a breathalyzer test to measure alcohol use.

One suspect, later identified as Ryan A. Kryzer, 34, allegedly began to resist right away by putting up his fists.

One of the patrol officers tried to handcuff him but Kryzer allegedly struggled and struck the officer more than once while both wrestled on the ground. Kryzer was pepper sprayed but kept fighting.

The other suspect, Adam J. Kapphahn, 26, was close by and in the way of the struggle, so Aubart said he was finally handcuffed.

The fighting lasted nearly 15 minutes. Sheriff's deputies from St. Croix and Pierce County came quickly to assist. One deputy used a taser to stun Kryzer.

Kryzer and Kapphahn were eventually taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

The two River Falls officers sustained minor injuries and later saw a doctor. One has a sprained knee and will be out several days.

Potential charges against the suspects range from criminal trespass and obstruction to battery of a law enforcement officer.

Aubart praised the helpful response from other law enforcement agencies. He also thanked bystanders who came with towels and pitchers of water for the officers.

One of the injured officers got pepper spray in his eyes from his contact with Kryzer during the forcible arrest.