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Farve calls it quits; speculation continues

Brett Favre calls it the hardest decision he ever made.

The former Packers' quarterback told Minnesota Vikings' coach Brad Childress yesterday he will not come out of retirement for a second time.

Favre, who turns 40 in October, told ESPN he did not believe he could play at a physically-acceptable level.

And he had to be careful not to commit for "the wrong reasons."

Favre had surgery on his throwing arm in May, and he said the Vikings kept telling him "You went through all this, and you've got to finish it off."

But Favre said he had legitimate reasons for his decision and "I'm 39 with a lot of sacks to my name."

ESPN said Favre had pain in his ankles and left knee during his recent workouts at his home in Mississippi and the pain got worse, which led Favre to doubt whether he could play for a full season.

But the speculation continues as to whether Favre is retired for good.

His former quarterback coach, Steve Mariucci, is among those questioning whether his latest decision is final.

Favre could be available if a contending team needs a quarterback later in the season.

He has played 18 NFL seasons, including 16 in Green Bay before he was traded a year ago to the New York Jets.