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Yup, they're out there

Love them or hate them, citizens can always count on the tradition of some River Falls Days parade goers reserving their spots well in advance of the annual event.

People mark their curbside territory with blankets, plastic furniture or camping chairs and sometimes just stake off a square with string. They use rocks, tent spikes and other objects to weigh down the blankets.

The quaint tradition stirs debate every year between the people who think it's a fine practice and those who think it's ridiculous.

Comments posted to an online River Falls Days story last week give a glimpse of insight into the ongoing debate.

"What is the over-under on when the first chair will be placed on second street for the parade this year?"

"Thursday the 2nd is when the first blanket/chair/roped off section will appear."

"We went down 2nd today and there was a blanket placed and taped off areas already! SO pathetic!! I swear this is the only town if you do not put something out a week in advance you are out of luck from anywhere decent. It makes 2nd street look like a dump! I think this should be held off until at least the day of the parade or even if that is pushing it fine chance it later that night. But get a life people. Be like everyone else and go looking that day not a whole week early!"

"I think it's ridiculous that people have such a problem with putting out blankets for the parade. If you are so concerned about getting a spot, then go put a blanket out for yourself. This has been tradition for years in this town and it lasts a grand total of one week out of an entire year. There are so many other pressing matters to lose sleep over."

"I doubt anybody is losing sleep over it, just seems kind of lame. If you want a good spot to watch the parade show up early instead of saving your seat like a middle school kid at the lunch table."

"If I lived on 2nd street - my sprinklers would be working overtime this week!!!"

"Sprinklers on overtime?? Why would you be so hostile to someone if they weren't infringing on your property? Soften your heart and treat people with a little more respect and kindness. I've seen the chairs, blankets, etc., and they are not hurting anyone; actually I think it's kind of cool. I'm glad to see that there are so many people passionate about the parade."