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Amended law bans flying arrows

Archers, stow those quivers. That's what an amendment to the city's weapons law (section 9.20.020 makes clear.

The City Council agreed to change the language of the law after Police Chief Roger Leque said officers occasionally field calls from archers asking if it's OK to practice using a bow and arrow inside the city limits.

It is not, but the law didn't specifically say so: "No person shall discharge or shoot any air gun, slingshot, air pistol or and similar device within the city limits..."

River Falls decided Tuesday night to add the words "bow and arrow," after air pistol so that the rule of law is clearer to those who take time to look it up.

Leque said a bow and arrow does qualify as "other devices" in the old law, but it made sense to change the wording so there's no question. It is possible for the City Council to make an exception to the rule; one example might be a shooting range inside city limits.

He said there's a greater proliferation of bows and arrows than most people might think. The chief said the city doesn't want arrows flying around residential areas and through people's backyards.

Archers have a few options: The River Falls Sportsmen's Club, 1130 Rifle Range Road, offers a place for bow users to practice. They must be members of the National Rifle Association and of the local gun club to gain access. Reach the club at 425-1380 or online at

Archery shop and shooting range A-1 Archery, 1830 Webster St., Hudson, offers practice opportunities anytime during business hours and does not require membership. Reach A-1 at 386-1217 or online at