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Hair in food? Out of cigarettes? Don't call 911 (AUDIO)

Pierce and St. Croix county 911 dispatchers may not have heard it all, but they've heard a lot.

A man from River Falls called to complain that he and his family had just dug into a carry-out meal when he found "a bunch of hair in the food."

The man's wife and daughter took the food back but didn't get a refund. He said his family was out $47 and still had no supper.

"Now we need the food back," complained the man. "Obviously they've got the food and won't give it back to us."

Been there, heard that, says Casey Swetlik, director of St. Croix County's Emergency Communications Center.

While his dispatchers haven't gotten a hair-in-the-food call, Swetlik has compiled a recording of strange calls his 911 center has gotten over the years.

Those include calls from a man who wanted cigarettes delivered to his house and a woman worried about seagulls.

Read the complete story in this week's print edition of the River Falls Journal.