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Clifton: Road will be renamed despite protests

Two pressing issues in the town of Clifton came a step closer to being resolved at this month's Town Board meeting.

Residents of 740th Avenue at last month's meeting were upset because the county proposed changing the name of their road to better allow EMS to locate it in the ambulance grid. They felt the change was unnecessary.

After contacting Andy Pichotta of Pierce County Land Management, residents learned the change will occur, though when isn't definite.

The lower portion of 740th Avenue will be renamed 1131st Street and the east-west section of the northern portion of the subdivision will be renamed 741st Avenue.

Another issue that came closer to be resolved is the problem with Warren Quade's, N6904 County Road F, outdoor wood burning stove.

The smell coming from the stove has been a major source of complaint for many of Quade's neighbors and Quade has received numerous citations ordering him to remove it. The neighborhood he lives in is zoned rural-residential and outdoor stoves are not allowed according to a town law.

Quade came to the meeting questioning his citations. The issue will be settled in court June 2.

Evan Varga, W12152 757th Ave., also gave the board an update on progress in convincing AT&T to provide Internet service to rural River Falls residents.

According to Clerk Judy Clement-Lee, Varga contacted Wisconsin Public Service and the regional director of AT&T and made the wish of Clifton residents known. If this approach doesn't work, more petitions will be collected.

A Board of Review meeting is set for Wednesday, June 24. Open book will be from 4-6 p.m. and the meeting will be held 6-8 p.m.