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UW's top flu researcher studies H1N1 virus

University of Wisconsin-Madison's top flu researcher is studying the H1N1 flu virus, digging for weaknesses a vaccine can attack.

The Centers for Disease Control gave Yoshihiro Kawaoka a sample of the virus last week.

He's now analyzing its genetic make-up, comparing it to other viruses and seeing if it becomes resistant to anti-viral medications.

That work and more could take awhile and it's not expected to play a role in the vaccine that's due out nationally later this year.

Still, Kawaoka says his efforts could help with future vaccines.

In the meantime, he says this could be an important week in seeing how widespread the newly-labeled Influenza A will become.

He says we'll start to see if the transmission by humans is as extensive as it's been in Mexico where cases of the former swine flu are reported to be leveling off.