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State has 66 probable cases of Influenza A, formerly called swine flul

Wisconsin has 66 probable cases of what the World Health Organization now calls Influenza A.

And that does not include over two-thirds of the 54 suspected cases in Milwaukee listed by health officials there.

The number of confirmed H1N1 cases in the Badger State remained at three Sunday. They were the first probable cases identified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, two in Milwaukee County and one in Adams County.

Twenty-two Milwaukee schools will be closed today, after their students and staff members were exposed to the flu virus.

The closings affect 8,500 students and up to 1200 Milwaukee school employees. City health officials told those people to stay home, and not be in community settings.

Federal and state health officials say schools with probable cases should stay closed for at least two weeks.

But Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker says officials will re-evaluate the schools in six days, and consider bringing the kids back then.

A Milwaukee school official said the health-related closings do not have to be made up.

Mayor Tom Barrett has decided against closing the entire Milwaukee district, saying they'll keep looking at individual schools and close only those where suspected cases turn up.

The World Health Organization agreed to stop calling the disease swine flu, after Wisconsin and U.S. pork producers said the name unfairly hurt sales and exports of pork products.

The virus is not in U.S. hogs, and there are no issues with food safety.