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Intruder alert: Grab a bat!

River Falls police were called by a homeowner in the 700 block of Spring Street who said that Sunday before dawn he found a sleeping stranger on his couch. The young man, possibly drunk, apparently had slipped in through unlocked French doors in the back of the house. Alarmed, the homeowner grabbed a baseball bat, woke the sleepy intruder and ordered him to leave.

Stumbling, the young man obeyed and hurried out of the house. He dropped and left behind his cell phone. Police have it now. They hope someone comes to the station to claim it.

In other police action this past week, they:

  • Arrested a 34-year-old Beldenville man for resisting and disorderly conduct in front of the police station and by the post office last week Tuesday at 11 a.m. The man allegedly followed his ex-girlfriend from Roberts, phoning her and trying to get her to pull over. She apparently wanted nothing to do with him. She arrived in River Falls and parked in the lot across from the police station on the Second Street, but the man pulled in after her and tried to block her from leaving. They argued, he grabbed for her, she got away and drove to the post office parking lot. He followed again. That's when police arrived. The suspect resisted arrest until threatened with pepper spray.

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