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Houston cops help with pot bust

Local police were contacted by their counterparts in Houston about a possible drug package from Texas that was intercepted for a River Falls address. The package was then sent and picked up by River Falls police. It was opened, examined and allegedly found to contain 10 pounds of marijuana. It was then repackaged and delivered to the local address by an undercover officer posing as UPS delivery man.

An 18-year-old renter at a house on Eighth Street signed for the pot package. He was later arrested while driving away in his Cadillac and eventually taken to county jail in Hudson.

Also in the past week, River Falls police:

--Dealt with another substantial battery case at Johnnie's Bar, 116 N. Main St. This time it appears the assailant was a jealous 44-year-old woman from New Richmond. The victim, a River Falls 30-year-old, was allegedly kissing the other woman's boyfriend. After seeing this, the New Richmond woman allegedly came up from behind, collared the other woman by the neck, and tossed her off the barstool. The woman landed on the floor and didn't move for a couple of minutes. She was tended to by local EMTs and was able to talk to police. The suspect left Johnnie's and was found later in an alley. She was arrested and jailed. Her boyfriend, also from New Richmond, was fined for obstructing police.

Last month three local men were punched and knocked down by the same male assailant at Johnnie's. Two of the victims were knocked unconscious and needed medical attention from a doctor. The assailant got away and has yet to be questioned.

--Arrested a 62-year-old rural River Falls woman for shoplifting grocery items at EconoFoods. The woman bought a small amount of store items but allegedly stole a much larger amount before being stopped as she tried to leave. She later claimed she had the money to pay but was taking medications that left her confused.

--Arrested a 19-year-old Inver Grove Heights, Minn., woman for drunk driving on North Main Street at 1:35 a.m. Friday. The northbound woman was allegedly weaving and nearly crossed into oncoming traffic. When questioned, she told the officer she was the "sober cab" for her passenger, a young man also from Inver Grove Heights. The sober cab designation didn't help her pass field sobriety tests. Flunking those, she was arrested. Her passenger was cited for underage drinking.

--Investigated without success a theft/vandalism outside Dick's Fresh Market last Wednesday around 1:45 p.m. A woman said she was only in the supermarket for 10 minutes, but in that time someone smashed her van passenger window, got inside and stole her purse that had cash, coins, driver's license, Social Security, credit and gift cards. The credit cards were later used to make purchases in Hudson and Bayport, Minn.

Please read more police news in the Feb. 11 print edition of the River Falls Journal.