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Mother charged with murder after case worker said she didn't need supervision

A Milwaukee woman has been has been charged in the death of her baby boy, three months after a child welfare worker said she did not need supervision.

Vera Morehouse, 21, is the second mother in three weeks to be charged with letting an infant starve to death while her family was getting social services.

Melody Cole had been charged last month after her 7-month-old daughter died in 2006.

Morehouse is accused of starving Lamour Caesar-Burnley, who was just under 2 months old when he starved to death in his mother's bedroom last July.

Milwaukee's Child Welfare Bureau said a caseworker went to the woman's apartment last April, and found it to be clean with no signs of abuse.

The worker reportedly saw no need to follow-up with Morehouse even though she was suspected twice before of child neglect.

The state runs the Milwaukee child welfare agency. It plans to release a report today (Friday) about its investigation into the boy's death.

Morehouse is charged with child neglect causing death.

Last November, she was charged with felony battery and violating a previous restraining order.