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Naked intruder flees woman's bed

Andres Moreno-Richey

A UW-River Falls male student was criminally charged with breaking into a woman's home and assaulting her as she slept in her bedroom.

Andres Moreno-Richey, 21, 528 E. Walnut St., was charged with two felonies for stalking and a third-degree sexual assault, plus two misdemeanors, including one for trespassing.

The victim is a female UW-RF student. The assault allegedly occurred last week just around 5 a.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of South Fifth Street where the woman lives.

The complaint says the victim was home earlier that night watching a movie with a male friend. She went to bed only to be wakened later by someone she thought might be that same friend.

Instead she realized it was a strange naked man lying over her, kissing and touching her.

The woman said she was very scared and worried the intruder might have a weapon. She pretended to be half asleep and that it was her friend she was talking to and pushing away.

She then slipped out of bed, ran for the bathroom and screamed for her roommates.

The intruder got up and ran, coming face to face with the woman. She yelled, asking what was he doing and said he replied something like, "This is kind of awkward."

He then grabbed his clothes and got dressed as he ran out. He left behind a sock and an unused condom on a TV stand by the bed.

The woman told River Falls police officers she recognized the suspect from seeing him on the university campus and at local coffee shops.

Later, using the popular social networking Web site Facebook, she was able to find the suspect's profile and get his address.

With this information, officers went to the man's home and brought him to the police station for questioning. He was then arrested and jailed.

In the complaint, Moreno-Richey said that earlier he was skating at Hoffman Park with friends, then shoveling snow at another person's house before going out to drink beer at Emma's Bar.

He also remembered calling his mother from a house on Third Street, going to Coach's Bar and then returning to Emma's.

He went back to the friend's house on Third Street at 2:30 a.m. and ate popcorn before returning to his home and falling asleep on the downstairs couch.

Then he woke, went for a walk outside, stopping at the house on Fifth Street and going in through an unlocked back door.

He took off his boots, walked to the kitchen and checked the refrigerator before heading up to the victim's bedroom.

Moreno-Richey's account of what happened next is more detailed but similar to what the woman reported. He said he believed that the woman was mistaking him for someone else.

He said he tried to wake her by putting a mitten he'd found on her face. He admitted later to touching her intimately though there was no sexual intercourse.

Moreno-Richey also said he was nervous and wanted the woman to be fully awake so their contact would be "more consensual." He denied at first but then also admitted to taking the condom with him when he had left his home.

Moreno-Richey confirmed that he had been in the victim's house one or two months ago to steal food. He said he was broke and getting groceries from the Food Pantry at Ezekiel Lutheran church.

And he said that a year ago he and another man got into the Campus View Apartments on East Cascade Avenue and took food from someone's refrigerator.

The complaint adds that the victim's female roommate claimed she chased Moreno-Richey from the victim's bedroom just before Thanksgiving.

This first incident, as reported to police, allegedly happened at 3 a.m., Nov. 20. The woman was alone at the time, woke, and heard a noise.

She checked through a crack in the bedroom door and said she saw the suspect, later identified as Moreno-Richey, using her roommate's computer. She said it seemed as if he'd been drinking.

Being alone she was frightened. Her cell phone battery was dead. She locked herself in the bathroom for a few minutes, then finally came out and confronted the male intruder.

She said he scrambled out the second-floor bedroom window and escaped by jumping.

After that she looked at the computer and said it appeared that he was on a pornographic Web site.

The two felony charges will keep Moreno-Richey in Pierce County Jail at least until his preliminary hearing at 1:45 p.m. Friday.