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Male college student charged with stalking and being naked in woman's bed while fondling her

On Tuesday River Falls police responded to a complaint from a young woman who woke in the middle of the night to find a strange naked man on top of her. He was allegedly touching her breast and kissing her.

The woman pretended to be half asleep, then managed to slip away and scream to her roommates for help. The naked intruder fled while hurriedly dressing. He allegedly left behind a sock and an unused condom by a TV stand near the bed.

Questioned by police, the woman said she had seen the suspect around town and on the university campus before. She allegedly identified him through his profile from the Web site Facebook.

Officers then went to the man's home, brought him to the police station, questioned and arrested him.

Later the Pierce County district attorney charged Andres Moreno-Richey, 21, a UW-River Falls student living at 528 E. Walnut St., with stalking, third-degree and fourth-degree sexual assault, and trespassing. The first two charges are felonies.

The female victim is also a college student at UW-RF who lives in the 200 block of South Fifth Street. That is where the alleged assault took place.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim's roommate said she chased Moreno-Richey from the victim's bedroom six weeks earlier, around Thanksgiving.

The roommate claimed Moreno-Richey was looking at pornographic images on a computer. When confronted, he jumped out the second-story window and ran off.

For more on this story, please see the Jan. 14 print edition of the River Falls Journal.