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State budget cuts to be felt across the board

Almost everybody will feel the effects of the latest state budget cuts, even the child who shows off a prized cow at the county fair.

Gov. Jim Doyle's administration says it will ask lawmakers to cut $25 million in state grants that have not been awarded.

It's part of an effort to balance the current state budget which has a $386 million shortfall in revenues.

Administration Secretary Michael Morgan told state agencies this week they might have to cut 10 percent of what they've set aside for various grants. And some might lose the entire amount they haven't spent yet.

The program that pays exhibitors at county fairs is one of the things being targeted.

Others include farm safety and grazing grants, clean water and recycling programs, grants for technical college courses, grants to help people stop smoking, and a renewable energy fund that Doyle has already cut once.

Maureen Busalacchi of Smoke-Free Wisconsin says most of the $30.5 million dollars in anti-smoking grants has already been spent.

And with record numbers of people wanting to quit, she says it's vital to preserve as much funding as possible for those efforts.