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Letter: Stupid antics simply backfire

It's been an interesting week. Sometime after midnight Friday our Obama, Page and Bruch signs were apparently torn from the ground, stomped on and flung across our yard.

Why does it seem that when someone reports this sort of thing, it's always Democratic signs that are vandalized?

This, along with the hate speech heard last week from McCain/Palin supporters at their campaign rallies, leads us to agree with John Stuart Mills, the brilliant 19th century British philosopher and businessman, who said, "Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid ... it is true that most stupid people are conservatives."

Things apparently haven't changed much since Mills' day.

I don't think our "neighbors," who vandalize and steal our yard signs, are capable of understanding the concept that for every sign lost we donate another $10 to the Democratic party and get another one.

So their criminal actions are actually contributing financially to the Obama/Biden, Alison Page, and Sarah Bruch campaigns.