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City homes being burglarized

Since June River Falls police say there've been eight residential break-ins citywide. Investigator Sgt. Jeff Linehan adds they have this "common denominator" -- all burglarized homes had their doors unlocked. And, in every instance but one, no one was home when the burglars broke in.

"This is crime of opportunity," Linehan said. "And it's not isolated to any one section of the city."

The latest city burglary was committed Wednesday between 7 p.m. and midnight in the 1000 block of Morgan Road.

The female homeowner left the house and an intruder came and swiped a flat-screen 22-inch TV and cell phone.

Linehan said that's another characteristic of the spate of burglaries -- thieves always take electronic items.

Several other recent burglaries have occurred on Cascade Avenue, Church, Foster and Dallas streets. Linehan said only the city's north end hasn't had any break-ins.

Linehan said police have received suspicious reports lately of people knocking on doors, asking for someone who doesn't live at the house. While some home callers may be legitimate, such as political campaigners, others may be burglary suspects casing neighborhoods.

For now, police have no burglary suspects. They're asking the public's help for information to solve these crimes and reminding homeowners to be mindful of unusual activities going on in their neighborhoods -- such as seeing unknown persons carrying around TVs, computers and other electronics.

If something comes up, call police right away at 425-0909.