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Chippewa Falls woman gives birth in van going 80 mph

A Chippewa Falls woman gave birth in a van that was speeding at 80 mph to an Eau Claire hospital.

Ellie Godown, 20, was visiting friends in Osseo on Monday night, when her contractions started coming every two minutes.

They headed toward Eau Claire on Interstate-94 and when they stopped for gas, Godown's water broke.

When they passed the exit at Foster, the baby girl's head started coming out. One of Ellie's friends Abi Middleton, 14, quickly wrapped her in a sweatshirt to keep her warm.

The staff at Luther Hospital was ready to deliver the infant, since they were called in advance. But they were shocked to learn that Mary Ann Godown had already been born.

Both mother and child were doing fine at last word. They were expected to leave the hospital Tuesday.