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High gas prices may have helped Wisconsin tourism

Wisconsin's tourism secretary says the summer business will probably end up above average in general, despite the June floods and $4 gas.

Kelli Trumble said the season got off to a rough start, but July and August were busy, at least in the major tourist spots.

Trumble said people found that they needed to get away. Jack Moneypenny of the Door County Visitor Bureau said many resorts in his area had their best summers in years, as Midwesterners who normally went to California or some other far-away spot stayed closer to home.

In Wisconsin Dells, Romy Snyder of the Visitors' Bureau said many businesses would consider the break-even point a success, especially after the worldwide publicity that followed the emptying of Lake Delton in early June.

Camping reservations at state parks were down two-percent through July, but officials said part of it was due to the closing of Devils Lake State Park for almost three-weeks following the floods.

However, parks' administrator Kimberly Currie said there's a still a chance for the parks to recover and August and the early fall normally tell the story.