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Fifth annual workshop held on international development

The UW-River Falls Association for International Development (UW-RF-AID) will hold its fifth annual workshop from 1-5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 5, in the UW-RF Alumni Room, South Hall.

Community members with an interest in the less developed countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are welcome to take part in the free workshop.

UW-RF-AID was founded in 2000 and has grown to include nearly 100 UW-RF faculty, staff and emeriti faculty members.

"The Association for International Development is a faculty-driven alliance that serves as a catalyst and forum for UW-RF faculty and staff collaboration on issues and activities that focus on the developing countries of the world," says Jackie Brux, director of UW-RF-AID and professor of economics at UW-RF. "The broad purpose is to enhance international education and ultimately to improve the economic, social, and ecological living conditions in developing countries."

This year's workshop will include introductions and reports on members' international activity; breakout sessions on curriculum, research and grant writing; and an overview of planned activities for 2008-09.

"The introductions and reports on international activity blow us all away every year," says Brux. "It's not until we report to the group that we become aware of how very much international activity takes place at UW-RF."

The main goal for this next year is to become more visible on campus by carrying out several educational activities, according to Brux.

Association members and interested community members are welcome to attend these upcoming events:

  • International Education Week, Nov. 17-21
  • World Food Day, Oct. 16
  • A series of faculty/staff brown-bag seminars, with presentations of research and results of international projects (dates and locations to be announced)
  • A series of evening video showings followed by discussion, (dates and locations to be announced).

    For more information about the association, workshop, or upcoming events, e-mail Brux at or call 425-3335.

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