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Digging and earthmoving is underway at Greenwood Cemetery where the new veterans memorial is being built. People are invited to stop and watch as the work goes on this year. Money to pay for this project that honors all veterans comes from those who buy engraved paver stones. Those stones are inscribed with the name and dates of service of an honored veteran. The stones will later be placed at the pathway around the memorial. The cost is $350 each and should be ordered by the end of this summer for placement next spring. Contact Ed Miller at 425-6606 for information on purchasing paver stones.

Here's a list so far of veterans whose names will appear on the paver stones:

Abrahamson, Edwin R., USAF, WWII

Abrahamson, Gerald R., USAF/Army, WWII-Korea

Abrahamson, Leonard, Army, WWII

Alexander, Richard V., Army, Korea

Anderson, Neil Quentin, Army, Vietnam

Bacon, James Woodrow, USAF, WWII

Benson, David E., Navy, WWII

Benson, Elmer F., Army, WWI

Berg, Donald L., Marines, Korea

Bostrack, Jack M,. Army, 1953-1955

Brenna, Robert Lee, Navy, Vietnam

Cudd Sr., Paul Robert, Army, WWII

Cudd, Phillip O. Army, WWII

Dopkins, Byron E., Marines, Korea

Dravis, Web W., Army, WWII

Farley Jr., N.R., Marines, WWII

Foy, James C., Army, WWII

Freeman, Richard H., USAF, Korea

Germanson, Melvin, Army, Korea

Greenway, James C., Army, WWII

Gregerson, Arley E., Navy, WWII

Gregerson, Galen E., Army, Vietnam

Gulbrandson, Gilbert, Union Army, Civil War

Hallquist, Leonard Richard, Army, WWII

Halverson, Adolph J., Navy/USAF, WWII-Korea-Vietnam

Hanvelt, Gordon Edward , Navy, WWII

Hendrickson, Reuben J., Navy, WWII

Jackman, Harold E., Army, WWII

Jackson, Orville, Army, WWII

Johnson, Kenneth A., Marines, WWII

Johnson, Lloyd A., National Guard, 1958-1988

Johnson, Steven B., Army, Vietnam

Junkman, William R., Army, WWII

Kittelson, Harris B., Army, Korea

Klecker, Gary J., Army, Vietnam

Klemesrud, Sid Sea Bees, WWII

Korbel, George, Army, WWII

Krear, Lamoine C., USAF, Korea

Larson, Norris J., Army, Korea

Lentz, Stewart A., Navy, Korea

Lubich, Kenneth W., Army, Vietnam

Marr, Francis, Merchant Marine, WWII

Matteson, David E., National Guard, 1991-1998

Matteson, Joan G., Army Reserve, 1989-1997

Miller, Esard E., Navy, Korea

Moen, Ingvald M., Army, WWII

Morrow, Gerald E., Army, Vietnam

Morrow, Harold D., National Guard, 1953-1955

Mundahl, Luther S., Army, WWII

Murphy, Thomas J., Army, Vietnam

Muto, Peter, Army, WWII

O'Connell, Michael W., Army, Korea

Obermueller Sr., Don W. Army, Korea

Obermueller, James F., Army, WWII

Phillipps, Robert L., Army, WWII

Reilly, David W., Navy, 1987-1992

Rodli, David, Navy, WWII

Rodli, Keith, Army, Vietnam

Ruckle, Harold W., Navy, WWII

Sather, Jerry P., Army, Vietnam

Schmidt, Willis R.,, Army, WWII

Schollmeier, Glen Henry, Army, WWII

Schuman, Jack, Navy, Korea

Siemers, Allen A., Army, WWII

Smith, Bob, Navy, Korea

Stork, Larry D., Army, Vietnam

Strand, Wilbur G., Army, Vietnam

Swenson, Ernest R. , Marine corps, WWII

Symes, David E., Army, 1949-1950

Symes, Frank A., Army, WWI

Symes, Jesse, Army, WWI

Symes, John E., Army, WWII

Symes, Percy J., Army, WWI

Thaves, Keith Army, WWII

Vande Vrede, Berdean John, Army, WWII

Viney, Allen H., Navy, WWII

Viney, Dale A., Navy, Korea

Viney, Robert L., Army WWII

Wells, William A., Army, WWI

White, Charles E., Army, Korea

White, John S., Navy, WWII

White, Kenneth S., Army WWI-WWII

White,, Roger T., Army, Korea

Wiese, Glen W., Army, Korea

Wood, James L., Army, Spanish-American