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Many volunteers needed for Farm Technology planning

The event is still two years away, but organizers are looking for volunteers to help put together and pull off the 2010 Farm Technology Days in Pierce County.

It's billed as the "largest outdoor show moving from county to county in North America."

The Roger and Beverly Peterson farm, on Hwy. 29 outside River Falls, will host the 2010 event, scheduled for July 20-22.

An estimated 1,400 to 1,600 volunteers are needed to work with 21 committees. People interested in serving on a particular committee are asked to contact that committee's chairperson. For information about vacant positions, call the Pierce County UW-Extension office at 273-6781.

Here's a description of the committees and the respective leaders:

  • Admissions: A three-to-six month window of tasks prior to the show along with collecting admission and checking passes. Co-chairwomen are Ann Webb ( and Mary Beth Williams (425-5323).
  • Apparel: This committee handles the inventory and sale of apparel along with making apparel recommendations to the Executive Committee. Co-chairwomen are Gayle Nelson (273-5466) and Cindy Jensen (715-772-4693).
  • Arts and Crafts: Plan arts and crafts tent contribution to show, procure vendors locally and from previous shows. Co-Chairwomen are Lisa Coyne ( and Kristi Richardson (
  • Conservation: Plan conservation tent to show, consider or plan outside tent attractions. Chairman Rod Webb (
  • Education: Provide direction to the planning process and participate in the planning of any non-show educational activity. Chairman Lee Milligan (
  • EMS/Safety: Manage and staff mobile command center. Chairmen Jeff Rixmann ( and Gary Brown (
  • Family Living: Plan and coordinate family living education tent. Chairwomen Carolyn Fenske ( and Karen Schmuaker (715) (273-4509).
  • Field Demonstrations: Responsible for all field layouts and demonstrations. Chairmen Brad Peterson (425-9722) and Dan Matzek (
  • Food: Recommend menu to executive committee, manage staffing by organizations and responsible for publicity and select groups to provide food beverage. Acting chairs are Mary Brand ( and Beth Ingli.
  • Grounds: Responsible for the grounds in and around tent city. Chairmen Terry Kusilek (425-7180) and Gordy Gavin (425-5020.
  • Heritage Tractors: Plan and lay out heritage tractor and equipment experience. Co-chairmen Dean Bergseng (425-6404) and Jerry Van Heukelom (425-7042).
  • Hospitality and Fundraising: Develops plan along with budget and revenue goals. Co-chairs Steve Healy ( and Julie Gore (
  • Parking: Provide parking and crowd control on grounds and work with traffic committee and law enforcement. Co-chairmen Dale Hines ( and Greg Kerr (425-8447).
  • Publicity and Promotion: Provides news releases for promotion and activities of committees, along with also providing a theme, logo and internet recommendations to the Executive Committee. Co-chairwomen Lanette Harsdorf ( and Mary Brand (
  • Signs: Create, store, maintain, upgrade, distribute and erect signs needed by all committees. Peggy Knegendorf ( and Marsha Shafer (
  • Tent City: Assist in tent city site selection, supervise setup of tent city before and after, assist all exhibitors. Co-chairmen Bob Fenske ( and Dan Pittman (
  • Toy Tractor: Market and sell toy tractors, contact vendors for commemorative toy tractor. Chairman Bill Emery (715-792-2551).
  • Traffic: Develop a traffic pattern, cooperate with state highway patrol, local fire and EMS utilities. Co-chairs Ross Christopherson (, Jim Harris (, Alan Thoner ( and Sheriff Nancy Hove (
  • Utilities: Plan and provide all utilities, including generators, telephone/ cell phones and credit card and cash machines. Co-chairmen Larry Dokkestul ( and Mike Most (
  • Youth: Plan with Extension 4-H youth agent, plan and implement youth tent and activities including entertainment. Co-chairmen Kyle Igou ( and Emily Lyon (

    The Executive Committee is made up of Chairman Mel Pittman, Vice Chairwoman Beth Ingli, Treasurer Peter Stern, Executive Secretary Greg Andrews, DeWayne Benedict, Holly Vasfaret, Jim Harsdorf, Dan Reis, Dave Sinz, Roger Peterson, Beverly Peterson, Dale Gallenberg and WFTD General Manager Glenn Thompson.

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