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Kinnickinnic pavilion concept plan moving forward

On Tuesday, July 1, the Kinnickinnic Town Board approved moving forward with the concept design plan for a new community pavilion that will be located next to the Town Hall.

Several ideas were discussed regarding the design of the pavilion but the board generally feels that the new structure should mimic the architecture of the Town Hall.

Possible design adjustments would include additional counter space in the kitchen area and adding another door.

Future improvements were discussed that would possibly include planting large trees, creating walking paths and having landscaping done around the pavilion.

Chairperson Roger Van Beek will continue working with the architect on the design of the structure, finalize specs and look into cost effective materials. Van Beek will also begin obtaining contractor bids and encourages community involvement, from donating materials to volunteering time for the construction of the pavilion.

In other action, Supervisor John Humphrey reported that he has received positive feedback from the community on the ballpark across from the Town Hall. Since the initial field maintenance done in May, the playing surface is in much better shape.

Remaining concerns regarding the ballpark include: Parking, garbage containers and insurance issues surrounding broken windows, to either parked cars or the Town Hall. Humphrey stated that adding a fence cap would protect against foul balls.

Humphrey will check with the ball association to see how other ball fields handle the liability issues while Van Beek will contact Rural Insurance Company that covers the town, to identify any possible liability concerns.

Building Inspector Dave Phillipps presented a Road Committee update. Phillipps and Town Engineer Dave Simons will review ordinances and policies of other communities and begin working on a draft policy that will cover right-of-way issues, speed limits and general roadway hazards. Contractor bids are coming in for the planned roadwork and another meeting is scheduled for July 10.

Resident Lilly Awsumb expressed her interest in becoming a member of the Land Use Committee in order to provide representation for the small landowners.

Resident Beth Pabst addressed the board regarding her candidacy for St. Croix County register of deeds. Pabst spoke about her background, employment and educational experience and identified system improvements she believes are needed including: Record accuracy, errors leading to re-recording of documents and training issues.

The next election is Sept. 9 at the Town Hall.