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Days Gone By

10 YEARS AGO, FEB. 19, 1998

For a time Tuesday morning, Nagano, Japan, seemed as close as next door while River Falls residents basked in the glow of home town native Karyn Bye's Olympic gold medal win after the U.S. Olympic women's hockey team upset Canada.

And in high drama fashion Joe Cudd's pin over a Medford wrestler in the final bout of the night meant the Wildcats won their third straight sectional championship and were on their way to state competition.

In swimming news Mike Page broke his own school record with a score of 356.15 to qualify for state competition.

Pete Rodewald won awards for "Photograph of the Year" and "Photographer of the Year" from the Western Wisconsin Photographic Club.

20 YEARS AGO, FEB. 25, 1988

In observance of Presidents' Day, George Tomlinson brought a commission document signed by Abraham Lincoln to Mary Aspenes' reading class. George's great-great-great-grandfather, Edward L. Jones, was a captain in the army during the Civil War.

High school hockey cheerleaders included Kjersti Olson, Penny Lee, Kathy Worman and Megan Pope.

Mike Benedict (155) wrestled his way to second place at the WIAA state meet.

30 YEARS AGO, FEB. 23, 1978

A Valentine's special at Guy's Walvern Manor was steak and lobster (6-8 oz. tails) for $8.95.

High school hockey cheerleaders were Michelle Lipsky, Cindy Wagner, Mary Hendrickson, Debbie Sylla and Jackie Kahut.

Mrs. Dennis Dusek was winner of a $93.95 shopping fling at Isaacson SuperValu grocery store.

Junior Dan McGinty, leading rebounder in the Wisconsin State University Conference was chosen to the 10-member all-WSUC team. The 6-7, 210-pound redhead at River Falls is now leading the WSUC in rebounding with an average of 12 a game. He is also one of the top scorers with a 13.9 average.

For the first time in 15 years, Pierce County Board supervisors voted to raise their salaries from $15 to $20 for half-day or evening meetings and from $20 to $25 for full-day meetings.

40 YEARS AGO, FEB. 22, 1968

Wayne Nelson planned a new ownership sale at his College Pharmacy.

City street department employees included Leo Clark, Jim Martens, Ray Mack, Carl Lansing, Stan Iverson, Lyle Larkens, Harry Linehan and superintendent Don Johnson.

Another driverless auto took off and damaged a store front. This week it was a car parked in front of the Davis-McLaughlin building. Last week it was the SuperValu store with broken windows.

50 YEARS AGO, FEB. 20, 1958

Latest reports said young Timothy Meyer was making excellent progress after having heart surgery.

A change in city laws meant taverns could now have live music without license. Johnnie Linehan had inquired about putting an organ in his tavern and this would make it permissible, provided no dancing was allowed.

80 YEARS AGO, FEB. 23, 1928

Two St. Paul gangsters were bound over for trial for their part in kidnapping River Falls Policeman Roy Hyatt.

It all began the evening of Jan. 19 when Ted Dodge noticed a car parked near his home on Second Street about 2 o'clock in the morning, and after observing peculiar behavior of its occupants, he telephoned the police.

Officer Hyatt, alone on duty, answered the call and upon reaching the car, was ordered to get onto the running board and make no outcry.

The car then swung around the block onto Main Street and then, at high speed, toward Prescott. This was observed by "Paddy" Driscoll and Dan Welch, who, in turn, notified authorities.

Word was sent to Prescott and Hudson to watch for the car. The St. Paul police were also notified.

Young Driscoll, in his car, followed the bandit machine for a way and secured the license number.

Officer Hyatt was forced to stay in the bottom of the bandit car during the mad race to St. Paul, with a revolver poked into his ribs and cursed at for interfering with their plans.

Dr. E. O. Kalk was called and he took a load of men, including Hyatt's twin brother Ray, all armed, in pursuit. It was also thought that perhaps the bandits would toss Officer Hyatt from the car, and they were on the watch for him.

They arrived in St. Paul just as the St. Paul police gun squad were firing upon the bandit car near St. John's hospital. Officer Hyatt was shot in the shoulder and one of the bandits shot in the head, although both were expected to recover.

It was believed here that the bandits had planned to steal butter from the local creamery, or to rob a clothing store, and that three or four of them were reconnoitering or preparing to set out when surprised by the officer.

The bandits were evidently aware that Chief of Police H. A. Hutchins goes off duty about 2 a.m. and they had waited until the chief had gone home so there would be but one officer to attend to.

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