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Days Gone By

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AUG. 22, 1996

Headline of the week: "ACT scores continue up in River Falls, Wisconsin."

Last school year 121 River Falls high school students took the American College Test, used as a standard for freshman applicants at most Midwest colleges. Composite scores were 22.7, state average is 22.1.

Over half of Pierce County parents surveyed in a Work Not Welfare Steering Committee study said providing day care for a sick child is their biggest problem, with high costs tough on poorer families. According to one working mother: "I've had to turn down jobs because of lack of day care. I've made $4.25 an hour and paid the sitter $3 an hour."

Ken Obermueller won the River Falls Golf Club championship by outscoring out his friend Joey Boles, in the final match.


AUG. 14, 1986

Ruth Van Keuren held a "schnauzer reunion" for her dog and the several generations she's sold. Nineteen German miniature schnauzers and about 35 people attended the party which featured a paw-print sign in, family tree, and a cake made with bones and powdered sugar.

High school football coach Tom Carroll, and his assistants, Doug Hjersjo and Bill Forster, greeted 74 candidates on opening day of practice this week.

In business news, plans were nearing completion for the construction and opening of a new True Value Home Center Store on a lot just north of Perkins Restaurant on North Main. Gary Speer was to be owner-operator of the 7,500-square ft. facility.

Some high school students were unhappy with the new "kissing ban" banning kissing in the halls.


AUG. 18, 1966

The City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting parking in city parks between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. It also banned unleashed pets and the posting of bills. Speed limits in the parks were set at 15 miles per hour and the riding of horses is confined to roads and parkways.

Railroad workmen were finishing the job of removing the railroad ties and rails from the abandoned Chicago-Northwestern line which ran through the city. The property is being sold by the railroad company to adjoining property owners or other interested parties. Among areas already sold is the strip going through the WSU-RF property. The area was purchased by the university at a price of about two cents a square foot for the 11-acre piece.

Mrs. Charles Wiff of Spring Valley was to represent Pierce County in the bake-off for June Dairy Month Recipe Contest to be held in Eau Claire. Her entry was to be Biscuit Beef Stroganoff.


AUG. 16, 1956

Two mild cases of infantile paralysis in the city were reported by city health officer Dr. Ernest Mack. Scotty Gaalaas, nine-year-old son of Carrold and Alice Gaalaas, was taken to Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis last week with what was described as a mild case of non-paralytic polio. Also taken to the Kenny Institute the same day was Lila Merriman, four, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Merriman, also with the non-paralytic type. Parents of both children report favorable progress and response to rest and care.

About 700 persons attended the first annual Town N' Country Day at Glen Park. Stores closed at noon to permit merchants and employees to attend the picnic, along with many farm families from the area. The "farmers" team of Don Black, Ken Sumner, Leland Chapman, Harry Mueller, Ed Kusilek and Dewey Paulson won the "cream can trophy" at the softball game held after a potluck lunch. Besides the softball tournament, kids ran foot races, free swimming was offered, horseshoes were placed, and free prizes for 90 lucky winners were handed out by merchants.


AUG. 29, 1946

The Ed Leary Construction Co. was featured in the River Falls Journal this week. The company which was started in Beldenville in 1937 with one truck and a pulverizer, moved to River Falls in 1942, and was doing $100,000 of business a year.

Four chartered flights and solos by two local boys -- Jerry Malmer and Doug Jenkins, were among activities at the city airport.

College enrollment of over 600 students had been closed until prospective students made arrangements for living quarters here.


AUG. 27, 1936

River Falls Police Chief Dan Linehan reported 710 cars parked on or near Main Street last Saturday evening, in addition to 200 parked at the Aulger Bros. show on Fourth and Division streets. The report stated there were 393 vehicles on Main Street alone, with the rest parked on side streets and a few on Second Street.

The Aulger Bros. Stock Company was presenting "high class vaudeville" with a band concert, orchestra performance and the comedy play, "When the Cat's Away."

Paul Prucha was declared winner of the handicap tournament last week after defeating Art Wilmot in the finals.

River Falls High School offered many up-to-date programs with the most important feature of the school being a member of the North Central Association. Graduates are admitted to all North Central colleges without examination.


AUG. 26, 1926

Sportsmen here were asked not to hunt prairie chickens and partridge because they were fast disappearing due to disease and vermin.

Ophelia White had an ad in the paper to see a good seven-room house and lot, located near Glen Park with electric lights, two screened porches, woodshed built on house with well inside, also small barn, all for $2,000.