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Golf carts allowed on city streets in Prescott

PRESCOTT--The Prescott City Council has approved an ordinance allowing legal operation of golf carts on city streets, Police Chief Mike R. Bondarenko announced. The ordinance is now in effect.

The ordinance requires golf carts operated on city streets must be registered with the police department and inspected by a police officer. There is a $25 annual registration and inspection fee. Application for registration can be made at City Hall at 800 Borner St. or the police department at 1601 Pine St. The forms are also available on the city website.

"Registered golf carts can only be operated by licensed drivers over the age of 16 during daylight hours," Bondarenko said. "Operation is not allowed on Broad Street, Hwys. 10, 29 and 35, and on any street where the speed limit is more than 35 miles per hour, except to cross those streets or highways. Night operation is not allowed."

The golf cart must be equipped with a rear vision mirror and at least two rear reflectors at three inches in height and width at the rear. It must have a slow moving vehicle emblem or flag on the rear. Brakes must be in proper working order. The golf cart engine cannot be modified to exceed 20 miles per hour. Other restrictions and conditions apply.

Registrants must provide proof of financial responsibility in the form of liability insurance.

Golf carts must be operated in accordance with applicable state motor vehicle laws and other city ordinances. Traffic signs and signals must be obeyed.

"The procedure to register a golf cart in Prescott is to fill out the application, pay the fee and then make an appointment to have the golf cart inspected at the police department. The golf cart should be transported to the police department on a trailer," Bondarenko said. "If the golf cart passes inspection and the other requirements of the ordinance are met, the owner will receive a registration certificate that must be displayed on the golf cart. Then, the golf cart can be legally operated on city streets."

Bondarenko said inspection appointments must be made in advance by calling him at (715) 262-5512, extension 301, during business hours. Inspections will only be conducted 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Night or weekend appointments are not available.

Unregistered golf carts are not allowed on city streets. The new ordinance applies only to golf carts. ATVs and other off-road vehicles are not included and may not be operated in city streets.

Owners will be provided with a copy of the ordinance.