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'Country Legends' concert April 13

When Cindy Kongshaug's choir performed the "Country Legends" concert back in 2007, it was such a hit and she had many, many requests since to do it again.

Kongshaug has always used the excuse she didn't have a band to play the country music. One night when she was talking to Dee J Traudt of the "TC Cats Band," Dee J said, "Well, we all play by ear, so we could learn the western songs."

They have been working on some Johnny Cash, George Jones and Conway Twitty songs, so it worked and now The Return of The Country Legends is a fact. They will perform along with the Adult Community Choir on Saturday, April 13, at 2 and 7 p.m. at the Stagehands Theater in Spring Valley.

The TC Cats have added another voice to their band named Molly Eckert. She is a young girl who has a reputation for singing the country songs, so audiences won't want to miss her.

To reserve tickets, call Kongsharg at 715-778-5583 and get them reserved right away.