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Prescott: Insurance scams against elderly, chief advises awareness

The Prescott Police Department has received complaints over attempts to defraud elderly city residents of money. Chief Mike R. Bondarenko asked people who have elderly parents or relatives in the city to make them aware of the scam to prevent them from becoming fraud victims.

"Elderly people have received telephone calls from individuals with foreign-sounding accents pretending to represent an insurance company with a fictitious name. The caller asks for the person's personal information purportedly to activate a supplemental Medicare insurance policy," Bondarenko said.

"The callers have also asked for bank account information to purportedly pay the monthly premium on the insurance policy. None of the elderly people who received the calls had purchased insurance policies. The insurance policy does not exist. The caller is attempting to obtain access to the elderly person's bank accounts to steal their money."

Bondarenko said the callers have been persistent. One senior citizen received four calls in two days.

"The callers have also tried to confuse potential victims by telling them that their children had signed them up for the insurance, or their doctor had recommended them to the company," Bondarenko said.

The chief asked sons, daughters and other relatives of senior citizens to make their elderly relatives aware of this scam and tell them never to disclose any personal information over the telephone to anyone.