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Dairy Breakfast Day in Pierce and Pepin counties

Persons line-up for breakfast at the Pepin County Dairy Breakfast.1 / 2
Patrons being served breakfast at the Pierce County Dairy Breakfast.2 / 2

Both Pierce and Pepin counties held their annual June Dairy Month Breakfasts Saturday, not too far apart from each other.

The Pierce County breakfast was held at the Tom and Matt Breeggemann Farm

on Hwy. 72 just outside of Elmwood. And if one Hwy. 72, went south on CTH. S and then west on CTH. Z, they would wind up at the Pepin County breakfast at the Brad & Kristin Afdahl Farm just outside of Arkansaw.

Both breakfasts featured plenty of syrup, sausage, cheese curds, butter, milk, ice cream and pudding. The Pepin County breakfast served pancakes and the Pierce County breakfast features Belgian waffles.

The current Miss Alice in Dairyland, Rochelle Ripp of Lodi, attended both breakfasts.