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Man works to save boat whose crew tried to help members of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Tuesday is the 34th anniversary of the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" on Lake Superior.

And the nephew of a man who died in that shipwreck is trying to save another boat whose crew tried to help those on the Fitzgerald.

The Arthur M. Anderson was recently spared, when Congressman David Obey won an exemption from a proposed federal rule to have that ship and others make an expensive conversion to cleaner-burning fuel.

But John Soyring of Green Bay says it's only a stay of execution and he'll try to seek support for the Arthur Anderson Tuesday during a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Fitzgerald wreck.

The Anderson was behind the Fitzgerald on Nov. 10, 1975, during a rough storm on the lake.

And the Anderson crew members risked their own lives by turning back into the storm, once the Fitzgerald went off their radar screen.

Twenty-nine people died on the Edmund Fitzgerald, including Soyring's uncle Oliver Champeau of Sturgeon Bay.

He was the third engineer on that ship.