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Committee votes today on new regulations for dog breeders

A Wisconsin Assembly committee is scheduled to vote today on new regulations for dog breeders, to keep puppy mills in check.

Those who sell more than 25 dogs a year would have to be licensed by the state, and their operations could be shut down if they violate rules which protect the animals.

The bill's supporters say unscrupulous breeders have moved to Wisconsin to take advantage of the state's lack of strong regulations.

Several puppy mills have been shut down in recent years, with diseased animals in squalid conditions.

But the industry says the bill is too restrictive and would put clean and legitimate dog breeders out of business.

Still, more than half of all lawmakers are co-sponsoring the bill.

The Assembly's Consumer Protection panel takes it up this morning, after a Senate committee recently OK'd a similar measure.

Half the 50 states currently regulate dog breeders.