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UW-Madison officials soften proposed policy allowing doctors' presentations at medical firm events

Officials at University of Wisconsin-Madison have softened a proposed policy against letting doctors make presentations at events for outside medical firms and getting big money in the process.

Doctors would still be banned from speaking to drug companies about new medications.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says orthopedic surgeons and others who implant various devices could still make presentations to medical device companies.

In February, the UW announced a sweeping new plan to limit outside speech income from drug and medical device makers, to prevent conflicts in which doctors act in the interest of manufacturers instead of patients.

But the Journal Sentinel said UW officials were pressured by orthopedic surgeons, the medical school and the UW's Medical Foundation to relax the rules for implant presentations.

The change affects about 1,200 UW doctors.

The foundation will vote on the proposed change. It's not known when that will happen.