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Nomination paper problems for some State Superintendent candidates

Two of the five candidates for state public school superintendent have problems with their nomination papers.

And if Lowell Holtz and Todd Price don't solve them by 5 p.m. Friday, they may not be on the ballot for the Feb. 17 primary.

Both candidates said they had technical problems with some of their nominating signatures.

Holtz, the Beloit school superintendent, had 70 fewer valid signatures than the 2,000 he needed. And Price, the National Louis college professor from Kenosha, was 116 signatures short.

Holtz said some people who circulated his petitions dated them for 2008 instead of '09. And he omitted his city of residence on the paperwork he turned in. Holtz says he can easily resolve those issues by Friday's deadline.

Price said dates and addresses were left off from some of his petitions and he'll do his best to get everything corrected.

The Government Accountability Board said the other three candidates - Tony Evers, Van Mobley and Rose Fernandez - all had enough valid signatures.

The board will certify the candidates when it meets next Tuesday.